Crew11 is Unique.

It is the only business advisory and leadership development firm that:

Was formed by two senior leaders with directly parallel leadership experiences in US Naval Aviation, corporate and entrepreneurial roles.

Offers customized training, mentoring, and advisory services to organizations nationwide.

Is built around an internally developed, proprietary system designed by the founders and honed through thirty years of double blind research.

Has tested and validated its methods through a combination of real-world case studies and industry-leading 360 leadership analysis tools.

"James “JP” Kelly “is the quintessential leader and team-builder. I've worked with J.P many times over the past 27 years, and his mentorship has taught me a lot about engaging teams to win. His leadership during two extraordinary turnarounds has been the model I've used successfully in other businesses. J.P.'s mentorship has produced a long line of successful business leaders, and I'd recommend him to anyone serious about team-building and change management.”

Mike McMahon, Senior Director, Operations

Walmart Global eCommerce

"Dennis “DB” Brouwer is hands-down the best business leader I have ever worked for. In the five years I worked for Dennis I learned more about being a leader and manager than in my previous 11 years in this business.”

Eric Barrett, Senior Director, Product Management

CenturyLink Technology Solutions

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