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Selfless Leadership: What If Your Future Isn’t About YOU?

Imagine you are the new leader of an organization where you have no control over your budget, hiring, or mission. Despite that fact, you bear the ultimate responsibility for the future of the organization and the people who work...

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Leadership & Teamwork: How Landing on Aircraft Carriers Made Me a Better Leader

Nothing I’ve ever done, or probably will do, compares to the challenge, thrill and sheer adrenaline rush of landing a Navy jet on an aircraft carrier at sea.   A carrier landing is perhaps the most demanding, precise and complex of...

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Leadership & Purpose: Wait…Why are we here?

  Bombs on Target. For an operational Navy squadron, that’s the answer to the question “Why are we here?” It’s clearly stated, universally understood and actionable at all levels. It’s exactly what our Nation expects us to do when called...

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