At Crew11, we believe an organization’s Mission needs to be clearly stated, embraced by the Team and actionable at all levels. Moreover, it should accurately embody the organization’s true purpose.

The AP recently posted an article regarding the US Navy’s decision to drop the promotional tagline: “America’s Navy. A Global Force for Good”. To this I say…Good. The article indicates the majority of active duty sailors and veterans agree.

The Flight Deck at the End of the Rainbow

It’s Not All Rainbows and Hugs Out There

“Global Force for Good” smacked of a United Nations one world view that softened America’s Naval lethality by airbrushing its image to that of a service organization akin to the Peace Corps. It made Navy sailors sound like a teary-eyed-puppy-petters. It’s not all rainbows and hugs out there, you know. In my view, the slogan was an ill conceived recruiting attempt that ignored what we are, and should be, as the greatest Navy the world has ever seen.

“Mother Teresa, a good education and single-malt Irish whiskey, are all Global forces for Good. The US Navy is a forward deployed instrument of America’s lethality in the face of evil”.

At any given time, half of the US Navy’s 289 deployable warships are underway, around the world conducting operations and training for peacetime and combat contingencies.

The Navy has moved to a new campaign that reinforces that fact. It features the phrase “America’s Navy” coupled with narrated lines that I think will resonate very well with sailors and the American public they serve. One ad shows a pin-drop-filled map that illustrates the world-wide, forward deployed nature of our Navy. It ends with the narration: “Around the world, around the clock, in defense of all we hold dear back home. America’s Navy.” This clearly speaks directly to the Mission of the US Navy.

I’m encouraged by the Navy’s great new ad campaign. I would offer: “America’s Navy. Our Nation’s Frontline Defense”, but nobody asked me…



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