Crew11 mentoring and coaching services are a unique blend of state-of-the-art coaching methods and lessons learned from our time as senior leaders in public corporations, private businesses and demanding roles in US Naval Aviation.

Crew11 Coaching and Mentoring

CrewLeader – Imagine a New You

CrewLeader is the ultimate personal coaching and mentoring service. It was put together in response to demands for senior leaders looking for sounding boards, mid-career managers in search of leadership growth that will enable them to engage their groups and drive to new levels of performance, and young, entrepreneurial leaders who are often operating alone in unfamiliar territory and crave interaction and feedback about their goals, priorities, and leadership style.

CrewLeader is a highly interactive process conducted either in person, or more commonly, over the phone or video chat. Typical program lengths are a minimum of three months, but can run six months or longer. The program kicks off with an initial on-boarding process, and then shifts to weekly or bi-weekly calls. Each program is personalized to the individual’s business challenges, development goals, current responsibilities and desired outcomes. Crew11 also offers the option to include an individual Leadership Circle Profile, a rigorously validated, statistical “360” analysis of leadership traits and outcomes.

Like CrewStrategy, CrewLeader uses a variety of intertwined discovery and learning methods to get quickly to the heart of organizational and leadership issues. Unlike CrewStrategy, however, CrewLeader is intensely focused on the leadership and personal goals of the individual. All aspects of the CrewLeader process are completely private, creating a safe space for individual leaders to learn, practice, and prepare to utilize new skills for leadership and communications.

The CrewLeader process begins when you contact Crew11. We We’ll walk you through the process of defining targets, identifying key roles and responsibilities, and mapping activities out against your calendar. New programs can be commissioned in as little as two weeks. CrewLeader can be done in conjunction with CrewStrategy, or as a stand-alone program.

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