Crew11 works directly with senior leaders and their teams to enable a virtuous cycle of self-observation, assessment, introspection and action that leads to real results.

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CrewStrategy – The Cure for Boring Meetings and Murky Missions

CrewStrategy is an intensive facilitated process, designed for use by organizations ranging from start-ups to mature players in established markets. It focused on quickly driving clarity around strategy, priorities, goals and action plans. CrewStrategy was put together in response to senior leader’s needs to deal creatively with problems that plague many organizations: missed targets for sales and revenue, declining margins, customer losses and write-downs, low morale and boring meetings during which real problems are swept under the rug. It is also a great way for start-ups and young growth companies to quickly coalesce around market definition, value proposition, product definition, go-to-market strategies and key staffing requirements.

CrewStrategy uses a variety of intertwined discovery and learning methods to get quickly to the heart of organizational and leadership issues, including Crew11’s proprietary CrewHealth assessment of team attributes, priorities, and needs. Crew11 personnel are empowered to help solve real problems in real time, quickly getting to root issues and helping to create solutions and ensure follow-on accountability. The program results will be tied to the specific over-arching goals of the organization, including creating a culture of growth, controlling costs and improving customer service levels through closer coordination and improved expectation-setting, and energizing the company culture to encourage innovation, collaboration and risk-taking.

CrewStrategy is three months in duration and is designed specifically to fit into the busy schedules of key leaders in an organization. Crew11’s experienced leaders and coaches will guide your team through a series of interviews, assessments, and constructive dialogues culminating in a two-day off-site at an exclusive, private leadership center in northern Virginia. Following the off-site, the CrewStrategy process owner will receive a detailed debrief, including written report, assessment results, and documented action plans and recommendations.

The specific goals of the CrewStrategy program are to:

  • Identify members, roles and responsibility of the crew,
  • Facilitate discussions and discovery as the crew prioritizes and clarifies shared goals,
  • Promote trust and honesty in pursuit of the goals,
  • Develop a detailed plan to achieve the goals,
  • Commit to personal and organizational accountability,
  • Incorporate concrete tracking, feedback, and oversight mechanisms

The CrewStrategy process starts when you contact us. We’ll walk you through the process of defining targets, identifying key roles and responsibilities, and mapping activities out against your calendar. New programs can be commissioned in as little as 30 days, and the entire program length from contract to action plan is 90 days in length.

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